clarita-home-lego-moulds-chocolate-ice-moldsMy name is Stacy, I am a Brand Ambassador Blogging Product Reviewer. I live in a multigenerational home so I get to experience their life and enjoy my family every day. I have a range of product testers from 2yr to 47yrs, so I get to try many different products and services and share them with friends, family and coworkers.

We have 2 twin black puppies that we rescued recently. I cook and bake daily. We do a lot of arts and crafts, experiments and have a lot of fun discovering and learning together. I love to garden and grow my own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit. Photography is my passion. I enjoy spreading the word about new and popular products on social media.

What Types Of Products Do I Review

claras-coffee-beans-grinder-manualI love testing out new and exciting kitchen products all the time. So thats what my blog mainly focuses on. But I also do test & review all different kinds of products including stuff for the home, toys, travel products, skincare remedies, and other stuff.

If you love reading about honest reviews then keep reading my blog. I’m sure you’ll find my reviews and tips very helpful. If there are certain products you would like for me to review, just send me an email and i’ll take a look.


Amazon Product Reviews

Since I have an amazon prime account, I love getting most of my products on there. You can find my reviews on there as well. I have reviewed products like coffee grinders, infuser water bottles, silicone candy molds, bathroom mirrors, kitchen shears, and much more.


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